Bob Henderson, an Oregon State University graduate with an Engineering Physics degree, is the Founder of Airman Inc.

Airman Inc. offers a high-value aerodynamic device for over-the-road Class 8 heavy trucks called the AirWedge. Bob, a former truck driver, came up with the idea for the AirWedge while driving long hours. He was inspired by his love of aircraft and knowledge of aerodynamics, and he wondered if there was a way to improve the aerodynamics of truck trailers.

Bob set out to design an aerodynamic device that would meet the following criteria:

·     It must be transparent to the driver, meaning no input required by the driver.

·     It must be lightweight, yet exceptionally strong and flexible.

·     It must be able to withstand vibration, loading and unloading procedures, and road debris.

·     It must not accumulate snow.

·     It must provide ground clearance for deep docks, curbs, and high railroad crossings.

·     It must withstand all oils, salts, solvents, fuels, and other chemical attacks found in the trucking world.

·     It must not impede access under the trailer.

·     It must allow for easy access to axles and brakes.

·     It must be affordable.

·     It must have a high rate of return on the investment.

·     It must last the life of the trailer.

·     It must look good.

After years of development, Airman Inc. created the AirWedge, a device that meets all of these criteria. The AirWedge is made of a durable, lightweight material that is resistant to vibration, impact, and chemicals. It is also easy to install and maintain.

The AirWedge has a number of benefits, including:

·     It reduces drag, which saves fuel.

·     It reduces road spray, which improves visibility and safety.

·     It reduces driver fatigue.

·     It increases the life of the trailer.

The AirWedge is a valuable investment for truck drivers and fleet owners. It can save money on fuel, improve safety, and increase the life of the trailer. If you are looking for a way to improve the aerodynamics of your truck trailer, the AirWedge is the perfect solution.