May 2023

We are currently awaiting the results of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations to validate the safety and fuel efficiency benefits of the updated AirWedge II for truck trailers. Once the CFD simulations are complete, we will be able to sell our patented technology to a specific company. We plan to use a combination of advertising, national meetings, and referral leads to sell our technology.

AirWedge II is a  technology that can improve safety and reduce fuel consumption for truck trailers. It works by creating a more stable airflow around the trailer, which reduces drag and turbulence. This leads to a significant reduction in fuel consumption and an improvement in safety margins.

We are confident that AirWedge II is a valuable technology that will benefit the trucking industry. We are excited to share our technology with a specific company and help them to improve their safety and fuel efficiency.

Here are some of the benefits of AirWedge II:

Improved safety: AirWedge II can help to prevent rollovers and other accidents by stabilizing the trailer and reducing drag.

Reduced fuel consumption: AirWedge II can help to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% by reducing drag.

Increased profits: AirWedge II can help to increase profits by reducing fuel costs and improving safety.

We are currently seeking a partner company to help us bring AirWedge II to market. If you are interested in learning more about AirWedge II, please contact us at;

Rreg Durham (480) 593-0001

Robert Henderson (503) 990-2069